Going Live and Also Crazy

So, this is my first, official blog post. As life would have it, I have some ideas for this blog, but I don’t have an abundance of time. Go figure. I will try to update every Friday, or every other Friday (or, more realistically, sometime between the Kalends and the Ides of every second month. Or when the moon is waning gibbous. Or whenever.).

What I will be doing on every second Friday of the month for the next year is offering an interview with an up-and-coming author. Each interview will consist of five riveting, hard-hitting, Pulitzer-worthy questions (well, they’ll be interesting and fun questions, if nothing else). The goal is to generate interest in emerging talent and give readers an opportunity to discover some authors they may not have encountered before. Some of the authors have already published books and some deal in short stories, but all of them have a lot of potential to offer the world of YA/New Adult/Children’s literature.

Be sure to check them out because I promise they’ll be fun.

In the meantime, I have some flash fiction pieces of my own that I’ll post here. I’m going to admit that flash fiction is a relatively new format for me since I primarily write short stories. Flash fiction brings its own challenges and rewards, but it’s perfect for a blog because each piece provides a short, fully-developed story that doesn’t overwhelm a blog format. I have a couple I hope to post in the next few days.

However, the topic of posting stories on a blog leads me on a tangent into legal territory. Look, Melion’s not an attorney. I did once drop out of law school, which makes me fully qualified to tell somebody that they need to get legal advice . . . from somebody else. What I can say is that I’m well aware anything I post on this blog is considered published. This means that any flash piece I share with you here, I will have a heck of a time selling to another venue, even if I take down the blog post.

Why? Because publishing it here means I can no longer sell first rights to a publisher. Perhaps somebody would buy reprint rights, but only a limited number of publications will buy those. This isn’t to give advice about publication rights (Lord knows the legality of those rights gets complex because the law is never straightforward, or how would lawyers ever pay their student debt?), this is my way of saying I know I’m giving up some rights to my story by publishing it here. But you, my dear reader(s), are worth it.

So, housekeeping having been handled, I am pleased to present my strange and haphazard blog for your perusal, edification and enjoyment. Let me know what you think.


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