Interview with Trin Carl

I am excited to present to you the first interview on my blog. Today, I am fortunate enough to have the very talented Trin Carl here to answer a few questions. Ok, Trin isn’t actually, physically present, but she has been kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule (and when you get to the final question, you’ll understand just how busy her schedule is) to offer some insight into her experiences.

So, here is a little bit of information about Trin:

Trin Carl writes YA and Literary fiction.  She enjoys contemporary dance and writing her blog 50schoolsn90days on Blogger.  From Minnesota, Trin enjoys the outdoors and all the seasons, especially the fall as it reminds her of her days teaching and attending school at Metropolitan State University.  She can be contacted on twitter @theglobaldig 

And here we pester her with some questions.

Delusions of Sanity: Welcome, Trin. It’s great to have you with us as the inaugural interview for Delusions of Sanity. Let’s start with your background as a writer. Would you mind sharing with us what you have written and what you’re working on currently?

Trin Carl: I’ve written for my college newspaper  I also write a blog called 50schoolsn90days on blogger.  This blog is inspired by my days as a substitute teacher and has numerous pictures from classrooms I’ve taught in throughout Minnesota.

 I also write for some local writer’s groups. One group called Midtown Writers from is of interest to me and writes on Saturday mornings.  This group is based in South Minneapolis and has its meetings in a quaint Mexican restaurant every Saturday.  Writers write for three to five  minutes based on writing prompts, then individuals read their work in open mic style. This group also has a blog that I’ve posted to: This impromptu writing group  is very fun and can have you rolling in your seat.

Lately I’ve been writing a novel called Oh Brother which I’m hoping to finish in 2017.  I’ve been getting help from writers on to edit this novel.


Delusions of Sanity: Any writing group that meets in a Mexican restaurant sounds like my type of group. A couple of margaritas, a fresh Word document, an awkward open mic moment . . . but I digress. Anyhow, I’m interested in hearing a little more about your novel. Would you mind giving us an insight into your main character? What does he/she do that is so special?  

Trin Carl: The character of Amelia in my novel Oh Brother is your average pre-teen, but what makes her so unique is her ability to adapt to new living situations.  She was put up for foster care at a very young age after her mother had been deemed as unstable, and turned the gas on in the house in order to ward off spies.  Amelia is eventually adopted and grows up with her new family and seems to adapt well until a new foster kid, Sam Burns, comes into the home and shakes the family’s foundation.


Delusions of Sanity: Wow! That’s a pretty intense backstory; Amelia sounds like a strong character, and you’ve definitely got me intrigued by her story.

Out of curiosity, when did you decide to become a writer? Was there a particular moment in time when you had the realization that writing was something you wanted to pursue? 

Trin Carl: My earliest memory of writing was when I was in the second grade and I wrote a descriptive piece based on a doll I treasured.  An inspirational teacher told me that I could become a writer and I’ve been writing ever since.


Delusions of Sanity: Any tips on what to do and what not to do when writing?

Trin Carl: When writing, keep an open mind.  Things aren’t as concrete as they seem.  Writing is much like a painting, where creativity and exposure will broaden the popularity of the written form and creativity will open a reader’s eyes.


Delusions of Sanity: That’s solid advice–I think I’m going to try adopting that perspective when I’m seeking inspiration for my own writing. Thank you.

For a bit of human interest as our final question, what inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Trin Carl: A big cup of coffee, as well as my family.  I’m expecting a child this year which will probably be born around the time this interview gets posted, so I’m thrilled to death.

Delusions of Sanity: Congratulations! That’s pretty darned exciting. I’m glad that even though you’ve got a lot going on between your writing and your new addition, you were willing to spend some time here at Delusions of Sanity. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck.

And for my readers, be sure to take a look at Trin’s blog over at Thanks for reading!


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