Interview with Fanni Suto

Welcome back to Delusions of Sanity! I’ve got another interview for today’s blog post and I’m quite excited about it. For today’s interview, please welcome the talented Fanni Sütő!

Fanni Sütő is a writer, poet, dreamer who believes in fairy tales even if they are dark, disenchanted and deconstructed. She writes about everything which comes in her way or goes bump in the night. She has been published in Hungary, the US, the UK and Australia. She  is very happy to do collaborations, art exchanges, cross-art projects, so if you’re interested in such things, please get in touch.

Delusions of Sanity: So, let’s get this interview rolling. Today’s questions are going to be light and fun, so here goes. Other than writing, do you have other hobbies?

Fanni Sütő: I enjoy learning languages. I didn’t really have a social life during university, so I went on studying and widening my horizon. I also enjoy travelling and discovering the world. Recently, I’ve bought a ukulele and will try to branch into music as well. I like reading and playing board games too.

Delusions of Sanity: Learning languages? That’s awesome! I’m embarrassingly monolingual despite my efforts, so I think it’s interesting to hear about other people and their linguistic knowledge. If you don’t mind my asking, which languages have you studied?

Fanni Sütő:  My mother tongue is Hungarian but I work and write in English, as well. I also speak French, although it’s not perfect yet and I would surely not be able to write stories in French, but I can read Harry Potter. I used to work one year with German, too.

In high school I did Italian which I still understand and can do small talk, but my old shine is gone. In university I did Chinese and Japanese, but those are especially easy to forget if unpracticed.

I also did a tiny bit of Russian and Polish.

Delusions of Sanity: Ok, just keeping count here, but that’s eight languages that you know or have studied. Eight? I am in awe. And I was pleased with myself that I can read 3 1/2 languages, including English.

Since you mentioned that you like reading, did you have a favorite reading spot as a child? Where is it now?

Fanni Sütő: As a child I read everywhere. Nowadays, I like reading on the top floor of double-decker buses, on trains or in gardens.

Delusions of Sanity: On double-decker buses? That sounds very cool. Ok, here’s a fun silly question: If you won ten million dollars tonight, what would you do next?

Fanni Sütő: Move in a bigger flat than our current one with its 18 m2. Oh come on, I’d even buy a house with big windows somewhere moderately quiet where I’d have a writing corner, place for our books, board games and a cat. I’d probably buy my boyfriend yet another guitar because I’m nice like that. I’d start going to yoga class and eat super healthily. I’d help my mum pay her mortgage and open a savings account for my little half-sister. And you know what? I’d do a BA in East Asian studies just for the heck of it, a girl can never have enough degrees.

Delusions of Sanity: Ok, getting a little delightfully morbid here (but that’s how we do it here at Delusions of Sanity), but what do you want your tombstone to say?

Fanni Sütő: Here lies she, who sang lullabies for an unquiet world.

Delusions of Sanity: “Lullabies for an unquiet world.” I like that. That sounds like it could be an album or a poetry anthology. Well, I’ve had funny and macabre, let’s move on to weird. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever researched?

Fanni Sütő: I must have researched a lot of weird stuff but my mind keeps blocking these out. The only memory which comes to me is that I’ve been working on a multiple ending (love) story about a boy and a girl who meet in a coffee shop in Glasgow. I hadn’t been to Glasgow when the idea came to me, but I had a very concrete idea of the little café. So I bought a bus ticket and traveled up to Glasgow for one day to find it. And I did. It was almost as I imagined it, quite central, very light and with a friendly staff. It even had a tiny poetry shop! My female protagonist is a poet so it was just perfect.

Delusions of Sanity: Wow, that is weird. Cool and serendipitous, but also weird.

Now, I hear tell that you’ve got a couple of stories published on the web. Would you mind sharing a link to them so that my readers can check them out?

Fanni Sütő: Definitely. I do have a couple works I am proud of:

Ok, well, that wraps up my interview with Fanni. I’d like to extend a huge “thank you” to her for taking the time to drop by and hang out. I definitely had a great time, and now I’m inspired to write some more and get my lazy self back to studying languages. Thank you all for dropping by and hanging out with us.


4 thoughts on “Interview with Fanni Suto

  1. What a great interview! I too am in awe of those who can speak so many languages–it’s a wonderful knowledge base to have. 🙂 Currently working on Japanese and Irish Gaelic myself–very slow progress, but some day I hope to be fluent in both.


  2. Thank you very much for the interview, it was great.
    And thank you very much for the comment Heather! I seemed to have a lot of time during university, so I studied languages. I think as a writer it’s especially good/useful to learn languages because getting to know other cultures helps us to write better and in a more colourful and open-minded way.


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