Update, or Oh, That’s Right, I’m a Writer

All right, this is my second post in twenty-four hours. That’s something like a miracle–if miracles were underwhelming, mundane and rather boring. Ok, so it’s the very antithesis of a miracle. Fine. I’m not here to quibble about supernatural events.

I’m here to give an update on my writing.

Thus far, 2017 is looking good. I just had my short story “The Hidden Sin” appear in the most recent edition of Havok. I’m excited because it’s a rather macabre little flash fiction piece that injects a paranormal twist into The Scarlet Letter. Forgive me, Hawthorne, you know I really do admire and respect your work, right? That lovely, morbid scene in House of the Seven Gables (you know the scene, Mr. Hawthorne: that one delightful tongue-in-cheek display of mockery which made me grin) still lingers in my mind years after reading your work. So, yes, no insult intended.

In addition, I found out that my short story “A Cord Silver and Invisible” has been selected for inclusion in the Unbound III anthology published by Science Fiction and Fantasy Publications. This story is a bit lengthier, and it returns to my fantasy-roots, telling the story of a young woman who has been magically joined since infancy to a talking gryphon. But in a bloody and uncertain world, what is friendship if it is forced by magic? Magic, swords and a talking gryphon. Did I mention a talking gryphon?

When it gets closer to the anthology’s release date, I’ll post again, but this was exciting news, so I wanted to share right away.

Also upcoming at some point later in the year, I will have a short story appear in Cast of Wonders. This’ll be the first time one of my stories has been recorded as an audiocast, so I’m definitely looking forward to this. When it goes live, I’ll make sure to include a link here at my blog so that you can take a listen.

Concerning upcoming publications, those are hopefully just the start of a successful year.

Oh, I do have one other thing: I’m planning on self-publishing some novelettes this year. I have one in the draft stage that is still speaking to me, if you will, and telling me where the characters want to go and what dire adventures will befall them. Once I complete the draft, it’s off for the first round of edits before I present it to the world (and by “present” I mean “set it adrift in the churning waters of Amazon and pray unto all the Powers That Be that I have written something worthy of your attention”, put “present” resonates with more confidence and power, so that’s what I went with).

As my project progresses, I will keep you posted. This year looks like it will be an adventure, but I’m definitely eager to seize some opportunities, hone my writing, and even offer some more blog posts on a less haphazard basis. Come and join me on this adventure, because it’s going to be exciting.


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