Interview with J.E. Klimov

Well, it appears I’ve neglected my blog again. This keeps happening, and I need to remedy it. Maybe I should map out intended topics, or something, and hold myself hostage until I get them written. Actually, that sounds weird. Too weird, even for me.

So, let’s mosey on along, shall we? Yes, we shall. Today I have the talented J.E. Klimov here to answer a few questions about her new book The Aeonians which comes out November 13th of this year (that’s 2017, for those of us who are as out of touch with the current world as I am).


First off, let’s introduce J.E. with her bio:

J.E. Klimov grew up in a small suburb in Massachusetts. After graduating from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, she obtained her PharmD and became a pharmacist; however, her true passion was writing and illustration.

Ever since J.E. Klimov was little, she dreamed of sharing her stories with the world. From scribbling plotlines instead of taking notes in school, to bringing her characters to life through sketches, J.E. Klimov’s ideas ranged from fantasy to thriller fiction. Her first publication was a short story, “The Guardian’s Secret,” in From the Stories of Old─ an anthology of fairy-tale retellings. The Aeonians is her debut novel with Silver Leaf Books.

You can follow J.E. Klimov and stay in tune for news on her sequel among other things on her blog:,  Twitter: @klimov_author, and Facebook page: @klimovauthor.

Well, I’d like to extend a thank-you to J.E. for dropping by today. I’ve got a handful of questions, so let’s get started.

Delusions of Sanity: How did you get the inspiration to write The Aeonians?

J.E.: The Legend of Zelda franchise was a cornerstone to my inspiration for The Aeonians. More specifically, Ocarina of Time for N64. As a kid, I wanted to create my own world just as vibrant and diverse as that game.

Delusions of Sanity: Rock on! I really liked Ocarina of Time; I remember being impressed by how much depth went into the world building. Which I suppose is a hallmark of the Zelda games, so I can definitely see that franchise providing inspiration to create one’s own world.

When you undertook writing The Aeonians, did you find anything to be difficult? I mean, what was the hardest part about writing the book?

J.E.: Other than the fact it is my first novel and I had no idea what I was doing, I believe it was the long breaks in between writing that made it most challenging. By taking such a long time to write The Aeonians, I was prone to plot holes and inconsistencies. Editing was the WORST. (Although book promotion has turned into a beast of its own)

Delusions of Sanity: Yeah, editing is always rough, but I can imagine the added challenge of editing a piece you’ve had to craft over a long period with numerous breaks. I would definitely struggle with that.

On the flip side, what was the most rewarding part about writing your book?

J.E.: The most rewarding part is the fact that I WROTE it to completion. I was always a science nerd and terrible in English and Literature. Finally being able to share my story with the world (or even just 20 people) through writing is such a blessing.

Delusions of Sanity: Seriously? I’m impressed that you undertook such a tremendous challenge. I’m not sure I could take a skill that’s not my forte, and craft something as cool as your novel. Writing is my thing, and I may or may not have nearly blown up a chemistry lab in college the last time I attempted to challenge my weaknesses–but I digress.

Considering the challenges involved in writing your book, is The Aeonians going to be a stand-alone book, or can we anticipate sequels?

J.E.:  It was meant to be a stand alone book. When Silver Leaf Books picked me up, I was contracted to write a certain number of books. It could all be separate novels or part of a series. So, it made me think. I had grown really close to a character from The Aeonians, so I decided to follow his journey- and now it is going to be a trilogy. If I’m lucky, the next book should be released Fall 2018 named The Shadow Warrior. In fact, if you buy The Aeonians, there is a blurb about it at the end.

Delusions of Sanity: A trilogy? Neat! So we can look forward to future adventures with your characters. And, speaking of your characters, I’ve got a fun and random question (because I always have to ask something weird) : If you could have coffee with one of the characters in your book, who would it be, and why?

J.E.: I would love to have coffee with Jabin. Even though he is a side-character, he still plays a vital role in the novel. He belongs to a race called Zingari: dog-like in appearance, they are shape-shifters with a big heart. Jabin is a musician and entertainer. So, I feel like there would be a lot to talk about while getting caffeinated.

Delusions of Sanity: A dog-like shape-shifter? Well, I’m sold.

And it appears that we’re out of time here at my haphazard blog, so I’d like to thank J.E. once again, and I want to wish her luck with her trilogy.

Wondering what The Aeonians is all about? Here’s the blurb from the cover:

Isabel Deran only wants to practice archery with the castle guards, and that is the last thing expected from an elegant Princess. Living in the shadow of her late sister, Victoria, she is next in line to receive the royal armlet that is embedded with four stones: an opal, a sapphire, an amber, and a ruby. It is a revered family heirloom with the power of the elements passed down from mother to daughter.

However, an evil, once thought to be sealed away in a prison in which time does not pass, breaks free with an army that swarms the castle and wreck havoc over the kingdom in search for the magical armlet. They are known as the Aeonians. When they kidnap Isabel and place their hands on it, the precious stones vanish.

Isabel is now trapped in a race against time to locate her stones of power with the head of the Aeonian army, Bence Brechenhad, stalking her like a shadow. With the help of her trusty weapon, the sai, she fights her way through seemingly impossible trials and fearsome monsters in order to restore peace in her kingdom.

If you’re interested in picking up your own copy, The Aeonians will be available both in Kindle format and in paperback. Although the book doesn’t go on sale until November 13th, you can still pre-order it now, if you so choose.


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