Blog Series on Swords

Today I’m excited to announce that I’m going to be doing a blog series on one of my favorite things: swords! However, I’m not going to be blogging about them here because I’m a jerk like that. Instead, I’ll be looking at a different aspect about medieval European swords over at the JL blog. In fact, my first post went live . . .

today! So here’s a brief, bite-sized look at some of the misconceptions perpetuated about swords in fantasy books.

Originally, this was intended to be just a one-off post since the blog is running a month-long theme on weapons. However, my post got, uh, “out of hand” and started to run rampant and I struggled to tame the damned thing. So it was suggested that I transform this into a series. Which gives me great joy. So, I’ll post links here as my discussions on sharp and pointy things appear over at the JL blog.

Now, for those who really want to delve into the theory of sword work, these blogs aren’t going to go that deep. These are, after all, intended to be short, pithy, but informative introductions to ideas, which means that even in a series, I can’t geek-out too much. Oh, there will be geeking, of course, but not epic levels of geeking.

So if you want to talk swords, I love to talk swords. And I’m always happy to hear from fellow practitioners, so drop me a comment if you want to talk sharp pointy things.

Oh! Since I mentioned that my post is part of a month-long theme, I should add that word on the street is other posts from talented folks will include discussions on katanas and sais (both of which I’m rather ignorant about, so I’m looking forward to what I can learn) along with other weaponry-related posts. So stop by all month to enjoy some martially-minded posts.


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