Cover Reveal

Secrets in Our Cities 400x625


Feast your eyes upon that gorgeous cover! This is the project that I’ve been involved in for several months now with some of my writer friends.

A werewolf, a necromancer, a potential zombie apocalypse, a lot of dry humor, and a bit of romance. This is what I offer to you in my short story “A Particularly Powerful Lunar Event, a Completely True Story.” If I might say so, I think this is one of my best stories. It’s also the first time that I’ve attempted a paranormal urban fantasy, and I found the challenge both invigorating and rewarding.

Plus, there are nine other stories of the weird and the spectacular written by very talented authors. Dragons, witches, fairies, undead. All of them lurk in the shadows of the worlds within this book, revealing themselves to you alone on your journey into their hidden realms.

Available on Halloween 2018 (that’s this year, just in case you were wondering), Secrets in Our Cities is the perfect book to enjoy as the shadows stretch in the gloaming autumn eventide.


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