Behold! An Anthology!

Looking for something to read as the days become darker, shorter and colder? Or, if you live in the southern hemisphere, looking for something to read as you bask in the awareness that the rest of us are preparing for months of scraping ice off windows, trudging through snow and begging the powers that be for a few more desperate moments of sunlight? Um . . . yeah, that escalated to bitterness rather quickly.

Anyhow, the Secrets in Our Cities anthology has been released and is available for Kindle (physical paperback coming soon).

Secrets in our Cities

Click the picture to head on over to Amazon . . . you know you want to.

Including my story, which rounds off the collection as the final piece, there are ten exciting short stories from talented authors. Ready to stalk the modern world with fantastical creatures? Then you are cordially invited to join werewolves, dragons, fae, witches, and more as they conduct their lives alongside our own. Peer into worlds unknown, and enjoy some fun stories.

For those wish to participate in the scavenger hunt, you have until November 5th 2018. So, you can catch up on the rules here: Good luck!


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