Once upon a time, there lived a Melion. The Melion lived with the Melion’s spouse, two dogs and an acceptable amount of chaos. The Melion enjoys powerlifting, martial arts, historical fencing, reading medieval Latin, and consuming energy drinks.

The Melion noticed that a lot of strange things befell the Melion and the Melion’s spouse, so the Melion occasionally writes about the follies and foibles of being a Melion. There is no actual moral to this fairy tale and really, there isn’t much of a plot, either. In the end, it’s not a very good fairy tale. But it’s also not a very good about page, either, so at least the trend is continued.

Please, just read the blog. The writing is a lot better there and I promise I won’t write any more fairy tales.

If you’re curious about my fiction, I have a few short stories you can read for free. Please check them out at:

“On the Wings of Doves” in T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog

“Green Leaves and Cherry Blossoms” in  Scarlet Leaf Review

“Celestial Dreams in the Neverscape” in Flash Fiction Magazine

“The Death Knight, the Dragon and the Damsel” in Cast of Wonders

“Last Flight of the Gryphon Rider” in Helios Quarterly (they also gave me a nice interview)

“Transition” an audiocast in Tall Tale TV (quite short, and the voice acting is fun)

I’ve also had other works appear in  Deep Magic, Havok, and Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores. Some of my other stories have appeared under other names in magazines ranging from Cicada to Electric Spec. Oh, and I have a short story in the Whispers in the Shadows Horror Anthology. Don’t worry, my story is embarrassingly tame. When my brain wanders too far into the darkness, it gets lost and doesn’t want to come back, so I kept my story light.

I now have my first urban fantasy short story appearing in the Secrets in Our Cities Anthology. What happens when a young werewolf and an awkward necromancer must subdue the zombie apocalypse? Lots of snark. And shotguns.

From time to time, when I’m not chronicling the awkward but amusing moments in my life, I also plan to post some flash fiction here on my blog – free for your perusal and enjoyment. In the meanwhile, I am also working on a YA fantasy novel.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy the blog. Feel free to contact me and let me know what you think.