Interview with Kristen Kooistra

How's it going? Looks like I've been slackin' on the ol' blog here for the past few weeks. For that, I would like to apologize. I'll skip the excuses about life being busy and adulting being time-consuming and craziness happening randomly, even though those are all true and are the reason I've been derelict in …

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Author Interview: Milli Gilbert

Life's been crazy (even by my standards), and I've been remiss in getting interesting blog posts up. That noise? That was my New Year's resolution zipping past, tripping on the rug and crashing through the window. Great, one more thing for me to clean up. But, while I procrastinate on everything else, here's an interview with …

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Update, or Oh, That’s Right, I’m a Writer

All right, this is my second post in twenty-four hours. That's something like a miracle--if miracles were underwhelming, mundane and rather boring. Ok, so it's the very antithesis of a miracle. Fine. I'm not here to quibble about supernatural events. I'm here to give an update on my writing. Thus far, 2017 is looking good. …

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